Dos and donts for keeping healthy white teeth

Dos and donts for keeping healthy white teeth

First of all, we have to face the fact we can not stop eating and drinking (and smoking), so it is natural they get yellow due to this daily use.

However, as naturally stains come, as naturally they can go too thanks to these natural solutions:

Eat foods that act as detergents as apples, carrots, pears, guavas, cauliflower and cucumbers that produce great saliva flow and act as natural staining bacteria removers.

Eat dark greens as broccoli, lettuce and spinach that create a protective film on your teeth that prevent/brush away stains.

Eat high fiber and wholemeal foods as they act as natural cleansers.

Mash strawberries and spread them all over your teeth. Leave them for 1 or 2 minutes, then rinse and brush it off.

Reduce stainy food and drinks red wine, tea, coffee, soy sauce, berries and many others. But since it is almost impossible to get rid of all them, just rinse your mouth, brush your teeth or chew gum.

Keep it low with sports and energy drinks that contain organic acids that break down calcium and erode teeth. They are even more harmful than sodas.

Do not consume in excess citric fruits due to the fact they contain acids that deteriorate the tooth enamel over time.
Reduce your intake of vinegar and other acid foods that open up the pores of tooth enamel.

Finally, stains on the surface can be removed with whitening toothpastes and home/office whitening kits. However, with deep old stains you would have to get them removed by a professional dental care professional.